July 25, 2010

Jitterbuggin Challenge - Black and White Sketch w/one other!

Happy Sunday Friends! Here is my entrance for the Jitterbuggin challenge. My color (as you can see) was PINK! We were supposed to use black white and one other color. My choice was pink. Oooooh, I couldn't resist it! It's really hot out here, I'm not sure where everyone else is, but it sure is a hot one today. So what better why to cool oof then with cricut crafts?? Yeah, i don't know either!

I hope everyone still had a wonderful Sunday, even though it was SOOOO HOT out today. God Bless and I'll be back! :O)
Thanks for stopping by.
The Cupcake Cricut


  1. So adorable! Love your cupcakes! I'm off today so I will be scrapn...lol, and trying to catch up!

  2. Love the pink with the black and white.

  3. This is so sweet! Love the added color of pink!

  4. Thanks ladies for stopping by my blog! I love having visitors! I'll be by your blog tomorrow.


  5. Beautiful card.....

    Thanks for Jitterbuggin'

  6. Hello, beautiful! I love your work, thanks for stopping by to see me!