July 19, 2010

Distressing Information

Distressing 101
I love the look of distressing. It’s amazing how much some ink and roughing up some cardstock can add interest and uniqueness to a project. It’s simple to do. And our distressing kit has all the tools you need! Here are some tips on how to use the Edge Distresser and Distressing inks to add emphasis to your next project.

How to Roughen Edges Safely with the Edge Distresser

1. Place edge of cardstock into one of the blade openings of the Edge Distresser.
2. Holding the Edge Distresser perpendicular to cardstock, drag blade lightly along edge to roughen up the cardstock and expose the white core. I like to drag the Distresser back and forth for extra roughness.
3. Repeat until desired roughness is achieved.

Add Emphasis with Distressing Ink

1. Load the Foam Tool by rubbing it into the Distressing Ink Pad.
2. Swipe the Foam Tool along the edges of the paper to achieve a shaded effect. I like to hold the cardstock or paper in my hand and then rub or brush the foam tool against the edge to feather in the ink. If you put the paper down on the table and then brush with the foam tool, you tend to have residual circle marks instead of smooth color.
3. Add as much ink as desired.

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