July 22, 2010

Construction Almost Complete

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As you know I've been trying to update my blog. My favorite season is coming and I just wanted to get a leg up- so to speak. The other reason I changed my blog is because I wanted to add another element to it. CUPCAKES!! Yes, you heard right. I love cupcakes and I love decorating them. I haven't done it much in the past year, but I hope to get into it again! Hence the name The Cupcake Cricut.

I think I'll have to keep my link the same, but from here on out it's The Cupcake Cricut! If I have to change the link I will, but I'll let you know before any of that happens! :O)

p.s. Thanks for hanging in there with me!
These aren't mine, but this is what I want to do: (found online)
Cupcake Tower Pictures, Images and Photos

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  1. Your blog is coming along nicely and your cupcakes look mmmmmm good

  2. Its looking soooo,sooooo Beautiful! I love that cupcake tier!

  3. Thanks ladies! :O) I'll be back on later!