June 19, 2010

Sugar and Spice Card! How Cute!

This was my first hand try at the sugar and spice cartridge (lite). Sorry about the shade at the bottom, that was from me taking the picture...duh!! Why so many cuts with the lites? Cause it's what my dh can afford and I love them!! :O) Anyhoo this one is a card I did just becasue the little bear was just so cute. It's smile, nose and eyes are different then some of the other cuts. I didn't have Peachy Keen stamps,so I used what I had. The eyes are from my stash - the pink just matched...I love pink!!

I can't wait to try some other things on this cart too. Now I just have to find someone to give this cards away to. My omputer is so slow at uploading, hope this works....

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  1. what a sweet card! Thanks for sharing - Doris :)

  2. That is sooo cute, you did a great job! Thabks 4 sharing.

  3. Thanks ladies! And thanks for visiting my little blog..

  4. Oh So Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!