June 8, 2010

Oh my!! More Cricut Carts!

Ok, so I found out that there are 25 new carts out that are called "lite" I guess that means that they don't have a lot of images on them? Who cares right? Hee Hee! Well, here's a list. I'll try and post pics soon!  Oh, and they are also supposed to be at walmart.  Imagine that....

1. B is For Boy
2. Baby ?? (not sure)
3. Billionaire
4. Block Party
5. Bloom
6. Botanicals
7. Carousel
8. Celebrate With Flourish
9. Cherry Limeade
10. Chore Chart
11. Cupcake Wrappers
12. Dude!
13. Feeling Groovy
14. Handy Man
15. Hoot ‘n’ Holler
16. Lacy Labels
17. Live Simply
18. Lovely Floral
19. Meow
20. Savory
21. Slumber Party
22. Splish Splash
23. Sugar & Spice
24. Varsity Letters
25. Wildlife

Here's a link to a blog with pictures of them:  flair and frills creativity

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  1. holy cow, I dont know how you found me but I sure am glad you did, I am in awe over the new carts, cant wait! :)

  2. Hi Jamie I just posted a picture of one just like you I can't wait!! :O)

  3. I am so bummed they are so expensive, not nice, I say! thanks for linking me to your blog, I did the same for you ;)