June 4, 2010

My first Blog Award!! :O)

Oh my, I'm so excited and honored to recieve this award!  Thank You Jesus!  I would probably say that if I was to win an acadamy award for something.  Mine would probably include lots of tears and waving to my family and friends......Hee Hee!  Dreams, I tell ya! 


I'd like to thank DtsArt for giving me this award.  What a blessing!  I don't even know we can give awards and look at this. I almost cried!! (yeah, I can be really sappy sometimes).  Thank You so much to http://www.dtsartsblog.blogspot.com/ who you should definately check out.  She's amaazing and so is her blog!! :O)

Now to officially get this award I have to mention 10 things that I love.  Then I have to pass this lil' ol' blog award along to 10 others. I have to go and come back and put everyone names in so that may take a litte while so hang in there with me.  It's blog hopping time!!  Oh first....

10 Things I LOVE.... in no particular order

1.  I love Jesus
2.  I love the color PINK. 
3.  I love being a mom, wife and housewife.
4.  I love scrapbooking.
5.  I love the smell of fresh cut grass. ( my sinus' don't)
6.  I love musicals.  (Anything in Technicolor and before 1965)
7.  On New Years Eve I love the Twilight Zone Marathon, becasue my Grandpa used to watch it.
8.  I love talking about Jesus to other believers and feeling loved.
9.  I love to take cruises!
10.  I love that I fell in love with Jesus.

and that's by no way my exahustive list, but that's 10 things....:O)

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