June 9, 2010

Blossom flower: How To

Cut the flowers out (you will have enough on this sheet for two flowers)
Take the largest flower head, and slightly fold it up into a bud shape, and then release...

Then, using either your finger or an old rub on tool, curl the petals back on themselves.

Till it looks a little like this.
repeat this for the middle and center flowers. Glue the middle flower into the centre of the larger flower, and then glue the center flower to the middle flower, like this.
put a big old dollop of glue in the center of the flower.. and sprinkle on the seed beads to form a pretty center.
The glue I used dries clear... so it doesn't stay white like in the photo.
This looks really pretty and vintage when done with book paper too - infact, it will take on a myriad of personalities depending on your card choice, possibilities = endless.

this was found online:

dividers Pictures, Images and Photosdividers Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. I really like those flowers, great job.

  2. wowser!...these are fantastic!...

  3. Hi Everyone!! I know that theres another way to do this, but this is all I got!! :O)

  4. That is GORGEOUS! Where did you get the pattern?
    What glue did you use?