May 31, 2010

Criss-Cross Card Tutortial

I found a tutorial online from Helen Onulak on she makes the criss cross card with only one sheet of paper and some pictures. You know I can't do videos all that well except if I'm at the library...So, here you go:

Materials Used:

■CTMH Serendipity Paper Pack – this was a special offered in 2008
■Fiskars Paper Trimmer with both cutting and scoring blades
■Tombow Adhesive

To make the Criss Cross pocket…I started with a piece of 6″ x 12″ Bamboo Textured Cardstock. Using the Fiskars Paper Trimmer set up with a scoring blade, I scored parallel to the 6″ side at 4″ and again at 8″. Note: When using the scoring blade, use a gentle touch – otherwise, you may end up cutting the cardstock.

Now, to make one of the diagonal cuts for the criss cross portion. I tilted the paper such that the bottom right point of the paper and the fold line were both in the cutting track. Then I made the cut. Tip: I found that if you start the cutting blade from the fold side, the corners stay nice…otherwise, it’s easy for the cutting blade to smoosh the corner.

After making both diagonal cuts, my paper looks like this:
Now…to add patterned paper to the front of the pocket. I needed to figure out if I was goign to put the Chocolate Flower Paper on the left or right flap of the pocket so I would know how to cut it. I decided to have the right flap be the front flap and have this covered with the Chocolate Flower Paper. Looking at the pocket and the paper at the same time helps with making sure the diagonal is cut in the proper direction.
Attach the diagonals to the pocket flaps…
Run a strip of adhesive across the inside center back of pocket (holds down the left flap) and then to the point of the right flap…if you look close, you can see the adhesive on the right flap. Alternative: Use Liquid Glass to glue the pocket closed – it provides a crisper line and is more durable.
I created a pull out insert for the pocket using a 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ piece of Bamboo cardstock. I rounded all the corners, then added Chocolate Organdy Ribbon and CTMH’s new Antiqued Copper brad — I love the color – a bit chocolatey with a hint of metallic. Love how they look with the Serendipity papers. Here’s the embellished pocket & insert —a card!

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